Vazhikatti Mental Health Centre & Research Institute
    Vazhikatti & Consortium, have partnered for Clinical Research Site Management Services at the hospital.

    Vazhikatti, with its exclusive Emergency Psychiatric Service, is the most comprehensive psychiatric care facility available at Coimbatore and first of its kind in the western parts of Tamilnadu. With its complete team of psychiatric professionals, Vazhikatti brings the state-of-the-art psychiatric care to all strata of the community with its innovations in psychiatric care delivery.

    Major mental illness like Schizophrenia or Manic-Depressive Disorders and Common Mental Disorders like Anxiety, Depression, Addictions or Sleep Disorders are treated using various modalities of treatment like medications, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, psycho-social interventions, psycho-education & rehabilitation. Problems of children, women and elderly receive special attention at Vazhikatti.

    Apart from providing quality psychiatric care, Vazhikatti is committed to develop mental health care resources by teaching and training of medical and allied professionals.