Our Profile

Colours” are more than a combination of red & blue or yellow & Black. They are means of non-verbal communication!

Especially for Clinical Research Personnel, the nature of the Black colour is interesting to know -

  • If a business is “in black”, it is making profit;
  • A “black tie” event means a formal occasion;
  • A “black belt” in karate identifies an expert;
  • Blackwash” (as opposed to “whitewash”) is to bring out in the light;
  • Black is the colour of authority and power;
  • Black is popular in fashion because it makes people appear thinner;
  • Black is said to be stylish & is everlasting;
  • Black is associated with sophistication and elegance;
  • Black is dark, but can make other colours appear brighter;
  • Black often stands for secrecy, which denotes the spirit of confidentiality in Clinical Research.

Black is the colour of communication and transmission. Hence, Black is the colour used for documentation – the backbone of Clinical Research.

It is the Black & Bold documentation practice from various perspectives, that is the need of the hour to ensure that the mankind is benefited from the endless resources being deployed in the Clinical Research arena around the globe currently!


Colours” have symbolism and the meanings of the colours go beyond ink.

It is the “attitude of character” of the colours as is similar to that of the differences in the individuals who are part of each team, that is acknowledged, appreciated, highlighted and displayed in each transaction of ours and hence the same reflection is brought out in the name and logo of our Organization -

Consortium Clinical Research is a Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) Unit with diversity. We are both academic and commercial in our structure.

  • Academic in nature; as we render services in terms of:
- Training Freshers & Professionals in Clinical Research methodologies & related services.
  • Commercial in feasibility; as we focus on obliging our clients in the areas (inclusive) of :
- Consultation for the varied activities correlated to all phases of Clinical Trials.

The Clinical Research Consultation Services that we specialize include:

  • Audits
  • Authorized Representation for International Clients in India
  • Clinical Trial Coordination
  • Clinical Trial Project Management
  • CRO & Vendor Assessments
  • Institutional Ethics Committee Constitutions
  • Herbal Research
  • Medical Writing
  • Monitoring
  • Phase 1 BA/BE Studies in Special Patients
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Site & Investigator Feasibilities
  • Site Management
  • SOP Designing
  • Study Feasibility Appraisals

We at Consortium Clinical Research, are dedicated to the cause of providing our clients - be it Corporate houses or individuals in Clinical Research; practical solutions by saving time and resources that are as per the statutory laws and other documented guidelines of Clinical Research.

Why should your organization choose us as your service providers?

The benefits your organization achieves by outsourcing a part or all your clinical trial related activities to Consortium Clinical Research, are inclusive but not limited to the advantages enumerated:

  • Trained professionals at work;
  • Standard operational efficiency;
  • Option to recruit a larger work force without raising costs;
  • Savings in time and management energy for maintaining in house services;
  • Increase in profits;
  • Valuable cost savings that can be utilized elsewhere.

What can we deliver to your organization?

We at Consortium Clinical Research work in close coordination and association with your personnel and deliver services that are predefined in terms of quality and standard of work. While working with us, your organization can expect to experience the following:

  • Good quality work;
  • On time delivery of services;
  • Uninterrupted services;
  • Adaptability to changes as per required SOPs / Regulatory requirements;
  • Lower costs.

Do review the details in our website for a better picture of the services that may be utilized from Consortium Clinical Research.

We ensure that our competence and commitment is a true indicator to increase the performance and progress of our clientele.

We operate from India to cater to the needs of our various Clients (Sponsors, Organizations, Institutions, Hospitals, Private Practitioners, etc.) across the globe.

We complement Common Practice with Common Sense!

We at Consortium Clinical Research look forward to provide synergy and add value to your clinical research initiatives.

Happy Clinical Research endeavors with Consortium Clinical Research!