Our Policies on Confidentiality
  • At Consortium Clinical Research, we respect the confidential business spirit that is to be maintained between the client(s) and us.
  • We are a business unit; our duty is to safeguard the information provided to us by our client(s) with due respect and sanctity.
  • We follow the prescribed procedures for computer access and security as an added measure to protect our clients’ confidential information.
  • We understand that protecting our client's confidential information revealed during discussions, proposal reviews or interactions are critical for both our business entities.
  • We are committed to accommodate special requests for confidentiality and would enact to the extent of screening and refraining from discussing such sensitive information of our clients even over the telephone.
  • We will not disclose any confidential information like the findings of an audit, or a protocol design, etc. unless authorized to do so by the concerned client.
  • Our obligation to our clients’ confidential information prohibits us from disclosing sensitive information of any client to other interested parties and in addition encourages us to take precautions with the available information; to ensure that only authorized access occurs.